Dream Number Lottery Game Facts and Info

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The Dream range Lottery game is a lotto sport presented by the UK national Lottery. It’s far a extraordinary recreation to play, no longer handiest due to the fact there are super prizes to be won, however additionally because the proceeds from the game are earmarked for a fund to help set up the 2012 London summer time Olympic games. The 2012 video games will no longer most effective assist the London financial system leading as much as the video games, but will also provide lasting advantages, inclusive of a brand new Olympic Park in order to be converted into the biggest european city park built inside the ultimate 150 years.

If that is not a terrific purpose to play Dream variety, right here is a few more information and facts about the monetary prizes to be had to be gained: To win the game, players should fit 7 consecutive numbers, from zero to 9, in order. Doing this will win you the pinnacle prize of £500,000. The chances of winning ghana lotto vendor the pinnacle prize are 1-in-10-million. Other than the pinnacle prize, there also are different smaller prizes, starting from £2 for matching simply the first variety to £50,000 for matching the primary six numbers.

The dream range lottery sport would not offer large jackpots like games which includes EuroMillions, but the odds of triumphing are a good deal better. No longer most effective that, even if you play the sport and lose, you will still be a winner due to the legacy that the proceeds of the sport will depart at the back of, along with the super Olympic stadium in order to be a big city park.

Tino writes a blog about lottery winners. It consists of human beings like Jorma Hogbacka, who won $14.8 million playing Lotto 6/forty nine.

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